The Big Data Landscape
"Is Big Data Still a Thing?" - See Original Post

This table shows all of the companies included in the Big Data landscape, which Matt Turck published on his blog. This project was undertaken by @mattturck and @Jimrhao. I'm @dfkoz.

There are 523 Big Data companies included on the current version of the landscape. Since the last update in December 2014, there have been 3 Big Data IPOs, 36 companies acquired, and 96 companies added, for a total of 694 companies. 123 of these companies have spoken at Data Driven NYC and Hardwired NYC, both organized by FirstMark.

To filter this list, simply type any filter (e.g., "IPO" or "Hadoop" into the search box.)

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Company Category Sub-Category Acquired/IPO Exit Year Video Link
1010data Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce Advance/Newhouse acquired in Aug 2015 2015 Video
23andMe Applications Life Sciences
33Across Applications Ad Optimization
3scan Applications Life Sciences
6sense Applications Sales & Marketing
Accenture Analytics Data Services
Accumulo Open Source Data Access
Actian Infrastructure MPP Databases
Actifio Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
ActionIQ Applications Sales & Marketing
Actuate Analytics Visualization OpenText acquired in Dec 2014 2014
Acunu Infrastructure Cluster Services Apple acquired in March 2015 2015
Acxiom Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Adbrain Applications Ad Optimization
Adgorithms Applications Ad Optimization
Aerosolve Open Source Machine Learning
Aerospike Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Affirm Applications Finance
Aggregate Knowledge Applications Ad Optimization Neustar acquired in Oct 2013 2013
AiCure Applications Life Sciences
Aidyia Applications Finance
AiMatch Applications Ad Optimization SAS Institute acquired in Feb 2012 2012
Airtable Analytics SMB/Commerce Video
Airware Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea
Alation Infrastructure Data Transformation
AlchemyAPI Analytics Machine Learning IBM acquired in March 2015 2015
Algolia Analytics Search
Algorithmia Analytics Data Science Platforms
Alluxio Infrastructure Spark
Alluxio Open Source Real-Time
Alpine Data Labs Analytics Data Science Platforms
Alteryx Infrastructure Data Transformation
Altiscale Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Amazon Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Amazon CloudWatch Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Amazon DynamoDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Amazon ECS Infrastructure Cluster Services
Amazon Elastic Map Reduce Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Amazon Kinesis Analytics Real-Time
Amazon Mechanical Turk Infrastructure Crowdsourcing
Amazon ML Analytics Machine Learning
Amazon QuickSight Analytics BI Platforms
Amazon Redshift Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Amazon S3 Infrastructure Storage
Ambari Open Source Coordination
Amiato Analytics Real-Time Amazon acquired in April 2015 2015
Amplidata Infrastructure Storage HGST acquired in March 2015 2015
Amplitude Analytics SMB/Commerce
Anodot Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Apex Open Source Real-Time Analytics Speech & NLP
Apigee Infrastructure App Dev IPO in Aug 2015 2015
AppDynamics Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
AppFirst Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Appier Applications Ad Optimization
Apple Data Sources & APIs Health
AppNexus Applications Ad Optimization Video
Appuri Applications Customer Service
ArangoDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Arcadia Data Analytics BI Platforms Video
Area 1 Security Applications Security Video
Arimo Analytics Data Science Platforms
Arria Analytics Speech & NLP
Aster Data Infrastructure Graph Databases Teradata acquired in March 2011 2011 Video
Atomwise Applications Life Sciences
AtScale Analytics BI Platforms
Attensity Applications Customer Service
Attivio Analytics Analyst Platforms
Augury Data Sources & APIs IOT Video
Aurelius TitanDB Infrastructure Graph Databases Datastax acquired in Feb 2015 2015
Automated Insights Analytics Analyst Platforms Vista Partners/STATS acquired in Feb 2015 2015 Video
Aviso Applications Sales & Marketing
Ayasdi Analytics Analyst Platforms Video
Azure Data Lake Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Azure ML Studio Analytics Machine Learning
Basho Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Basis Technology Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Bedrock Data Infrastructure Data Integration
BigML Analytics Machine Learning
BillGuard Applications Finance Prosper acquired in Sept 2015 2015
Bime Analytics Analytics BI Platforms Zendesk acquired in Oct 2015 2015
Bina Technologies Applications Life Sciences Roche acquired in Dec 2014 2014
Birst Analytics BI Platforms
Bitly Analytics Social Analytics Video
Blockspring Analytics Analytics Platforms
Bloomberg Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video
BloomReach Applications Sales & Marketing
Blue River Tech Applications Industries
Blue Yonder Applications Sales & Marketing
Bluecore Analytics SMB/Commerce
BlueData Software Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise
Bluefin labs Analytics Social Analytics Twitter acquired in Feb 2013 2013
BlueKai Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Oracle acquired in Feb 2014 2014
BlueTalon Infrastructure Security
Bottlenose Analytics Analytics Platforms
Boundary Infrastructure Management/Monitoring BMC acquired in Aug 2015 2015
Boxever Applications Industries
BrightFunnel Applications Sales & Marketing
Brightleaf Applications Legal
Caffe Open Source Machine Learning
CapIQ Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
Captain Dash Analytics Visualization
CartoDB Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Video
Caserta Concepts Analytics Data Services
Cask Infrastructure App Dev Video
Cassandra Open Source Data Access
Causata Analytics Real-Time NICE Systems acquired in Aug 2013 2013
Cazena Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
CBInsights Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video
CDAP Open Source Framework
Celect Applications Industries
Centrifuge Systems Analytics Visualization
Chartbeat Applications Publisher Tools Video
Chartio Analytics Visualization
Cignifi Applications Finance
CipherCloud Infrastructure Security
Circulate Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Cirro Analytics For Business Analysts
Citus Data Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Civis Analytics Analytics Data Science Platforms
Clara Labs Applications Vertical AI Applications
Clarabridge Applications Customer Service
Clarifai Analytics Horizontal AI Video
Clearstory Analytics For Business Analysts Video
Clever Applications Education/Learning
Cleversafe Infrastructure Storage IBM acquired in Oct 2015 2015
ClickFox Applications Customer Service
Cloud Physics Analytics Log Analytics
Cloudant Infrastructure NoSQL Databases IBM acquired in March 2014 2014
Cloudera Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise Video
Clustrix Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
CNTK Open Source Machine Learning
CockroachDB Infrastructure NewSQL Databases Video
Code42 Infrastructure Security
Coho Data Infrastructure Storage
Collective[i] Analytics Analytics Platforms
Compuverde Infrastructure Storage Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Infrastructure App Dev
Confluent Analytics Real-Time
Connectifier Applications Human Capital
Connotate Analytics For Business Analysts
Context Relevant Analytics Data Science Platforms Video
Continuum Analytics Analytics Data Science Platforms
CoreOS Infrastructure Cluster Services
Cortana Analytics Analytics Horizontal AI Analytics Speech & NLP
Couchbase Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
CouchDB Open Source Data Access
Counselytics Applications Legal
Counsyl Applications Life Sciences
CounterTack Applications Security
Crimson Hexagon Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Criteo Applications Ad Optimization
CrowdFlower Infrastructure Crowdsourcing Video
Cruise Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea
Custora Analytics SMB/Commerce Video
Cybereason Applications Security
Cylance Applications Security
Dassault Exalead Analytics Search
Data Elite Incubators & Schools Other Data Sources & APIs Other Video
dataArtisans Analytics Real-Time
Databricks Infrastructure Spark Video
DataCamp Incubators & Schools Other
Datadog Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Video
Datagravity Infrastructure Security
Dataguise Infrastructure Security
DataHero Analytics Visualization Cloudability acquired in Jan 2016 2016 Video
Dataiku Analytics Data Science Platforms Video
DataKind Analytics Data Services Video
Datalogix Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Oracle acquired in Dec 2014 2014
DataMarket Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Qlik acquired in Oct 2014 2014 Video
Datameer Analytics Analytics Platforms Video
Dataminr Applications Finance
DataRobot Analytics Data Science Platforms Video
DataRPM Analytics Machine Learning
DataScience Analytics Data Services
Datascope Analytics Data Services
DataSift Analytics Social Analytics
Dataspora Analytics Analytics Platforms Via Science acquired in 2011 2011
DataStax Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
DataTorrent Analytics Real-Time
DataXu Applications Ad Optimization
Dato Analytics Machine Learning
Datorama Analytics Visualization
Declara Applications Education/Learning
Deep Genomics Applications Life Sciences
Deep Information Sciences Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Deeplearning4j Open Source Machine Learning
Deepmind Analytics Horizontal AI Google acquired in Jan 2014 2014
Deepsense Analytics Machine Learning
Descartes Labs Analytics Horizontal AI
Dextro Analytics Horizontal AI Video
Diassess Applications Life Sciences
Digital Reasoning Analytics Analyst Platforms
DigitialGenius Applications Customer Service
DiligenceEngine Applications Legal
DIMSUM Open Source Machine Learning
Docker Infrastructure Cluster Services
Domino Data Lab Analytics Data Science Platforms
Domo Analytics BI Platforms
Dow Jones Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
Dremio Infrastructure MPP Databases
Drill Open Source Query/Data Flow
DroneDeploy Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea Video
Druid Open Source Real-Time
Dstillery Applications Ad Optimization
Duetto Applications Industries
EagleEye Analytics Applications Industries
eBrevia Applications Legal
eHarmony Applications Industries Video
Elastic Analytics Search
ElasticSearch Open Source Search
Engagio Applications Sales & Marketing
Enigma Analytics Analyst Platforms Video
Enigma Applications Government/Regulation Video
Enlitic Applications Life Sciences
Entelo Applications Human Capital
Epsilon Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Esri Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Estimize Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video
Estimote Data Sources & APIs IOT Video
Euclid Analytics Applications Industries
Everlaw Applications Legal Applications Human Capital Cornerstone acquired in Oct 2014 2014
Exasol Infrastructure MPP Databases
eXelate Applications Ad Optimization Nielsen acquired in March 2015 2015
EXL Analytics Analytics Data Services
Experian Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Facebook M Applications Vertical AI Applications Video
Factual Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
FarmLogs Applications Industries
Fast Forward Labs Analytics Data Services
FeatureFu Open Source Machine Learning
Feedzai Applications Security
FireStop Applications Government/Regulation Video
FiscalNote Applications Government/Regulation Video
Fitbit Data Sources & APIs Health IPO in June 2015
Flatiron Health Applications Life Sciences Video
Flink Open Source Framework
Flink Open Source Real-Time
Fliptop Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities LinkedIn acquired in Aug 2015 2015
Flume Open Source Data Access
Fortscale Applications Security
FoundationDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases Apple acquired in March 2015 2015
Foursquare Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Video
FuseMachines Applications Sales & Marketing Video
Gainsight Applications Sales & Marketing Video
Garmin Data Sources & APIs Health
Garmin Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
GeckoBoard Analytics Visualization
General Assembly Incubators & Schools Other
Geometric Intelligence Analytics Horizontal AI Video
Gild Applications Human Capital Applications Life Sciences
Giraph Infrastructure Graph Databases
Glassbeam Analytics Analyst Platforms
Glow Applications Life Sciences
Glowfish Analytics Machine Learning
Gnip Analytics Social Analytics Twitter acquired in Aug 2014 2014 Video
Gnip Data Sources & APIs Other Twitter acquired in April 2014 2014 Video
GoodData Analytics BI Platforms
Google Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Google Analytics Analytics SMB/Commerce
Google BigQuery Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Google Borg Infrastructure Cluster Services
Google Cloud Bigtable Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Google Cloud DataFlow Analytics Real-Time
Google Cloud DataFlow Open Source Query/Data Flow
Google Cloud DataLab Analytics Visualization
Google Cloud DataStore Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Google Cloud Storage Infrastructure Storage
Google Cloud Storage NearLine Infrastructure Storage
Google DataProc Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Google Mesa Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Google MillWheel Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Google Omega Infrastructure Cluster Services
Google Spanner Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
GoSquared Analytics SMB/Commerce
Grand Round Table Applications Life Sciences
Granify Analytics SMB/Commerce
GraphDB Infrastructure Graph Databases Ontotext acquired in 2014 2014
GridGain Infrastructure Spark
Gridspace Analytics Speech & NLP Video
Guardian Analytics Applications Security
Guavus Analytics Analytics Platforms
H2O Analytics Machine Learning
Hadapt Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise Teradata acquired in July 2014 2014 Video
HBase Open Source Data Access
HDFS Open Source Framework
HealthTap Applications Life Sciences Video
Helium Data Sources & APIs IOT Video
HiQ Applications Human Capital
HIVE Open Source Query/Data Flow
Hootsuite Analytics Social Analytics
Hortonworks Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise IPO in Dec 2014 2014
HowGood Applications Industries Video
HP Autonomy Analytics Search
HP Autonomy Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
HP Vertica Infrastructure MPP Databases
Hstreaming Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise Adello acquired in Sept 2013 2013
HumanAPI Data Sources & APIs Health
HumanDX Applications Life Sciences
HyperScience Analytics Horizontal AI
Hypertable Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
IBM Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise
IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
IBM Netezza Infrastructure MPP Databases
IBM Watson Analytics Horizontal AI Video
Idibon Analytics Speech & NLP
Illumio Infrastructure Security
Imperva Infrastructure Security Analytics For Business Analysts
Indico Analytics Data Science Platforms
Infer Applications Sales & Marketing
InfiniteGraph Infrastructure Graph Databases
InfluxDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases Video
Infochimps Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud CSC acquired in Aug 2013 2013 Video
Informatica Infrastructure Data Integration Infrastructure Cloud EDW
InsideView Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Insight Data Science Incubators & Schools Other Video
Insikt Applications Finance Video
Integral Ad Science Applications Ad Optimization
Interana Analytics Analytics Platforms Video
Inventure Applications Finance
Isentium Applications Finance Applications Ad Optimization
Jaspersoft Analytics BI Platforms Tibco acquired in April 2014 2014
Jawbone Data Sources & APIs Health
Jethro Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise
Judicata Applications Legal Video
Jupyter Open Source Machine Learning
Kabbage Applications Finance
Kafka Open Source Data Access
Kaggle Analytics Data Services Video
Kahuna Applications Sales & Marketing
Kalido Infrastructure Data Transformation
Karmasphere Analytics Analytics Platforms FICO acquired in April 2014 2014
Kasisto Applications Vertical AI Applications
Keen IO Infrastructure App Dev
Kensho Applications Finance Video
Keybase Applications Security
Kibana Analytics Log Analytics
Kidaptive Applications Education/Learning
Kimono Labs Analytics For Business Analysts Palantir acquired in Feb 2016 2016
Kinsa Data Sources & APIs Health
Kitenga Analytics Visualization Dell acquired in Feb 2013 2013
Knewton Applications Education/Learning Video
Knoema Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
KnowRe Applications Education/Learning
Kognitio Infrastructure MPP Databases
Kontera Applications Sales & Marketing Amobee acquired in June 2014 2014
Kreditech Applications Finance
Kubernetes Infrastructure Cluster Services
Kylin Open Source Framework
Kyruus Applications Life Sciences
Kyvos Insights Analytics BI Platforms
Lattice Engines Applications Sales & Marketing
Lenddo Applications Finance Video
Lending Club Applications Finance IPO in Dec 2014 Video
LendUp Applications Finance
Lex Machina Applications Legal LexisNexis acquired in Nov 2015 2015 Video
LexisNexis HPCC Systems Infrastructure Cluster Services
Librato Analytics Visualization SolarWinds acquired in Jan 2015 2015
LiftIgniter Applications Publisher Tools
Lithium Analytics Social Analytics
LiveFyre Applications Sales & Marketing Video
LiveIntent Applications Ad Optimization
LiveRamp Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Acxiom acquired in May 2014 2014
Locu Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities GoDaddy acquired in Aug 2013 2013
Loggly Analytics Log Analytics
Looker Analytics Visualization
Loqate Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities GBGroup acquired in April 2015 2015
Lucene Open Source Search
LucidWorks Analytics Search
Lumiata Applications Vertical AI Applications
Luminoso Analytics Analyst Platforms
Maana Analytics Search
MADlib Open Source Machine Learning
Mahout Open Source Machine Learning
Maluuba Analytics Speech & NLP
ManageEngine (Zoho) Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
MapR Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise Video
MapReduce Open Source Framework
MariaDB Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Mark43 Applications Government/Regulation Video
MarkLogic Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
MatLab Analytics Statistical Computing
Mattermark Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
McKinsey Analytics Data Services
Medallia Applications Customer Service
MediaMath Applications Ad Optimization
MemSQL Infrastructure NewSQL Databases Video
Mesos Open Source Framework
Mesosphere Infrastructure Cluster Services Video
Metabiota Applications Life Sciences
Metafor Software Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Splunk acquired in June 2015 2015
MetaMarkets Analytics Real-Time Video
MetaMind Analytics Horizontal AI Salesforce acquired in April 2016 2016 Video
Metis Incubators & Schools Other
Metric Insights Analytics Visualization
Microsoft Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce Video
Microsoft Analytics Platform Analytics Analytics Platforms
Microsoft Azure HDInsight Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Microsoft DocumentDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Microsoft Power BI Analytics BI Platforms
Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Microsoft Storage Spaces Infrastructure Storage
MindMeld Analytics Speech & NLP
Minettabrook Applications Finance
Misfit Data Sources & APIs Health Fossil acquired in Nov 2015 2015
MixPanel Analytics SMB/Commerce
Moat Analytics Applications Ad Optimization
Mode Analytics Analytics Data Science Platforms
MongoDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases Video
MongoDB Open Source Data Access Video
Mortar Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud Datadog acquired in Feb 2015 2015 Video
Mortar Analytics Data Science Platforms Datadog acquired in Feb 2015 2015 Video
Mu Sigma Analytics Data Services
MuleSoft Infrastructure Data Integration
Nagios Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Nara Logics Analytics Horizontal AI
Narrative Science Analytics Speech & NLP
Neo4j Infrastructure Graph Databases Video
Nervana Systems Analytics Horizontal AI
NetApp Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Netatmo Data Sources & APIs Health
Netbase Analytics Social Analytics
New Relic Infrastructure Management/Monitoring IPO in Dec 2014 2014
Next Big Sound Applications Industries Pandora Media acquired in May 2015 2015
Nexthink Infrastructure Security
NGData Applications Customer Service
NiFi Open Source Data Access
Nimble Storage Infrastructure Storage
Nuance Analytics Speech & NLP
Nuevora Analytics Data Services
NumberFire Applications Industries FanDuel acquired in Aug 2015 2015 Video
Numenta Analytics Horizontal AI
Numerify Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
NumPy Open Source Stat Tools
NuoDB Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Nutonian Analytics Data Science Platforms Video
OceanSync Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
OhmData Infrastructure NoSQL Databases WANdisco acquired in June 2014 2014
OnDeck Applications Finance IPO in Dec 2014 Video
OneName Applications Security
Oozie Open Source Coordination
OpenDataSoft Applications Government/Regulation Video
OpenGov Applications Government/Regulation
OpenTSDB Open Source Data Access
OpenX Applications Ad Optimization
Opera Solutions Analytics Data Services Video
Opower Applications Industries
Oracle Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Oracle Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Oracle Endeca Analytics Search
Orbital Insight Analytics Analyst Platforms
OrientDB Infrastructure Graph Databases
Origami Logic Analytics For Business Analysts
Outbrain Applications Publisher Tools
Ovuline Applications Life Sciences
Palantir Analytics Analyst Platforms
Panasas Infrastructure Storage
Panjiva Data Sources & APIs Other Video
Panorama Education Applications Education/Learning Video
ParAccel Infrastructure MPP Databases Actian acquired in April 2013 2013
Paradigm4 SciDB Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Parstream Analytics Real-Time Cisco acquired in Nov 2015 2015
Pathway Applications Life Sciences
Paxata Infrastructure Data Transformation
Payoff Applications Finance
Pentaho Analytics BI Platforms Hitachi acquired in Feb 2015 2015
People Pattern Applications Sales & Marketing
PepperData Infrastructure Cluster Services
Persado Applications Sales & Marketing
Pervasive Analytics Analytics Platforms Actian acquired in Jan 2013 2013
PIG Open Source Query/Data Flow
Pivotal Infrastructure Hadoop On-Premise
Pivotal GemFire XD Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Pivotal Greenplum Infrastructure Cloud EDW
PlaceIQ Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Placemeter Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities Video
Plaid Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video
PlanetLabs Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea
Platfora Analytics BI Platforms Video
Plotly Analytics Data Science Platforms
Pluralsight Incubators & Schools Other Video
Practice Fusion Data Sources & APIs Health
Preact Applications Customer Service
Precog Analytics Analytics Platforms RichRelevance acquired in Aug 2013 2013 Video
Predata Analytics Social Analytics Analytics Machine Learning
PredPol Applications Government/Regulation
Premise Data Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video Applications Legal
Prior Knowledge Analytics Statistical Computing Salesforce acquired in Nov 2012 2012
Qlik Analytics Visualization Video
Qualtrics Data Sources & APIs Other Video
Quandl Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data Video
Quantcast Applications Publisher Tools
Quantcell Research Analytics Analytics Platforms
Quantifind Applications Sales & Marketing
Quantopian Applications Finance Video
QuantumBlack Analytics Data Services McKinsey acquired in Dec 2015 2015
Qubole Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud Video
Quettra Analytics SMB/Commerce SimilarWeb acquired in Dec 2015 2015
Quid Analytics Analyst Platforms Video
Qumulo Infrastructure Storage
Qunb Analytics Visualization VE Interactive acquired in Dec 2014 2014
R Open Source Stat Tools
Radius Intelligence Applications Sales & Marketing
Rainstor Infrastructure NewSQL Databases Teradata acquired in Dec 2014 2014
Ranger Open Source Security
RapidMiner Analytics Machine Learning
Ravel Law Applications Legal
Reactor Labs Analytics Horizontal AI
Recombine Applications Life Sciences Video
Recorded Future Applications Security Video
Redis Labs Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
RelateIQ Applications Sales & Marketing Salesforce acquired in July 2014 2014
RetailNext Applications Industries
Retention Science Analytics SMB/Commerce
Revelytix Infrastructure Data Transformation Teradata acquired in July 2014 2014
Revolution Analytics Analytics Statistical Computing Microsoft acquired in Jan 2015 2015
Riak Open Source Data Access
RJMetrics Analytics SMB/Commerce
Roambi Analytics Visualization SAP acquired in Feb 2016 2016
Rocana Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Rocket Fuel Applications Ad Optimization
Rubikloud Analytics Data Science Platforms
Sailthru Applications Sales & Marketing Video
Salesforce Radian6 Analytics Social Analytics
Salesforce Wave Analytics BI Platforms
Samsara Data Sources & APIs IOT
SAP Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
SAP HANA Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
SAS Analytics Statistical Computing
SAS Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
ScalaLab Open Source Stat Tools
ScaleARC Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Scaled Inference Analytics Horizontal AI
SciDB Open Source Data Access
scikit-learn Open Source Machine Learning
SciPy Open Source Stat Tools
Second Spectrum Applications Industries
Seeq Applications Industries
Semantic Machines Analytics Speech & NLP
Semantria Analytics Analyst Platforms Lexalytics acquired in July 2014 2014
Sense Analytics Data Science Platforms Video
Sense360 Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Sentient Technologies Analytics Horizontal AI
Sentient Technologies Applications Finance
SentinelOne Applications Security
SequoiaDB Infrastructure NoSQL Databases
Servio Infrastructure Crowdsourcing CrowdSource acquired in Nov 2013 2013
Sift Science Applications Security Video
Sight Machine Applications Industries
SignalSense Infrastructure Security
Signifyd Applications Security
Silicon Valley Data Science Analytics Data Services
SimpleReach Analytics Social Analytics Video
Sinequa Analytics Search
Singa Open Source Machine Learning
Sisense Analytics Visualization Video
Sisense Analytics BI Platforms Video
Skycatch Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea Video
SkyMind Analytics Horizontal AI
Skytree Analytics Machine Learning
SlamData Open Source Query/Data Flow
Slider Open Source Framework
SnapLogic Infrastructure Data Integration
Snowflake Infrastructure Cloud EDW Video
Socrata Applications Government/Regulation
Solarwinds Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
Solr Open Source Search
SolveBio Applications Life Sciences Video
SpaceCurve Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Spark Open Source Framework
Spark Open Source Real-Time
Spark MLlib Open Source Machine Learning
Spinnakr Applications Sales & Marketing
Spire Global Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea
Splice Machine Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Splunk Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Video
Splunk Analytics Log Analytics Video
Spredfast Analytics Social Analytics
Sprinklr Analytics Social Analytics
SPSS Analytics Statistical Computing
Sqoop Open Source Data Access
Sqrrl Infrastructure Security Video
StackIQ Infrastructure Cluster Services
Standard Treasury Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data SVB acquired in Aug 2015 2015
Statilizer Analytics Social Analytics
StatMuse Applications Industries
Statwing Analytics For Business Analysts
StellaService Applications Customer Service Video
Stitch Fix Applications Industries
StockTwits Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
Storm Open Source Real-Time
StreamSets Infrastructure Data Transformation
StreetLine Data Sources & APIs Location/People/Entities
Striim Analytics Real-Time
StrikeIron Infrastructure Data Transformation Informatica acquired in July 2014 2014
SumAll Analytics SMB/Commerce Video
Sumo Logic Analytics Log Analytics Video
SwiftKey Applications Industries Microsoft acquired in Feb 2016 2016 Video
Swiftype Analytics Search
SyncSort Infrastructure Data Transformation
Synerscope Analytics Visualization
SYNTASA Applications Sales & Marketing
Synthesio Analytics Social Analytics
Tableau Analytics Visualization
Taboola Applications Publisher Tools
Tachyus Applications Industries
Talend Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Talend Open Source Coordination
Tamr Infrastructure Data Transformation Video
Tanium Infrastructure Security
Tapad Applications Ad Optimization Telenor acquired in Jan 2016 2016 Video
TellApart Applications Sales & Marketing Twitter acquired in April 2015 2015
Tempo Applications Vertical AI Applications Salesforce acquired in May 2015 2015
TempoIQ Analytics Analyst Platforms
TensorFlow Open Source Machine Learning
Teradata Infrastructure MPP Databases
Teradata Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Textio Applications Human Capital
Tez Open Source Framework
The Climate Corporation Applications Industries Monsanto acquired in Oct 2013 2013
The Data Incubator Incubators & Schools Other Video
The Trade Desk Applications Ad Optimization
ThingWorx Data Sources & APIs IOT
Think Big Analytics Analytics Data Services Teradata acquired in Sept 2014 2014 Video
Thomson Reuters Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
ThoughtSpot Analytics Search
ThreatMetrix Applications Security
Tibco Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
Tidemark Applications Finance
Torch Open Source Machine Learning
Tracx Analytics Social Analytics
Trafodion Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Transcriptic Applications Life Sciences
Treasure Data Infrastructure Hadoop in the Cloud
Treparel Analytics For Business Analysts Evalueserve acquired in May 2015 2015
Trifacta Infrastructure Data Transformation Video
Tubular Labs Applications Sales & Marketing
Tute Genomics Applications Life Sciences
Typesafe Infrastructure App Dev
uBiome Applications Life Sciences
Uptake Data Sources & APIs IOT
Valiance Solutions Analytics Data Services
Validic Data Sources & APIs Health
Vectra Networks Infrastructure Security
Veles Open Source Machine Learning
Via Science Analytics Data Services
Vicarious Analytics Horizontal AI
ViSenze Analytics Machine Learning
Visually Analytics Visualization ScribbleLive acquired in Jan 2016 2016
Vital Labs Applications Life Sciences
Viv Labs Analytics Horizontal AI
VMWare Cross Infrastructure/Analytics SMB/Commerce
VoltDB Infrastructure NewSQL Databases
Waterline Data Infrastructure Cloud EDW
Weka Open Source Machine Learning
Windward Data Sources & APIs Air/Space/Sea Video Applications Customer Service Video
Withings Data Sources & APIs Health
Wolfram Alpha Analytics Speech & NLP
Wonga Applications Finance
WorkFusion Infrastructure Crowdsourcing Video
WorkFusion Applications Industries Applications Vertical AI Applications Video
Xignite Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
Xplenty Infrastructure Data Integration
YARN Open Source Framework
Yhat Analytics Data Science Platforms
Yieldbot Applications Publisher Tools
Yieldex Applications Publisher Tools AppNexus acquired in March 2015 2015
YieldMo Applications Publisher Tools
Yodlee Data Sources & APIs Financial & Economic Data
Yottamine Analytics Machine Learning
Yseop Analytics Speech & NLP Video
Zephyr Health Applications Life Sciences
Zeppelin Open Source Visualization
ZestFinance Applications Finance Video
Zeta Interactive Applications Sales & Marketing
Zettaset Infrastructure Security
Zipfian Incubators & Schools Other Galvanize acquired in Nov 2014 2014
ZooKeeper Open Source Coordination
Zoomdata Analytics Visualization
Zuora Applications Finance
Zymergen Applications Life Sciences